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Victor Chukwueke – White Coat Ceremony – Univ of Toledo College of Medicine – Aug 2013

Victor Chukwueke – Wayne State University

Wayne State grad, mom from Nigeria reunite after years apart

After a decade apart, a special reunion between mother and son

Detroit Channel 7 TV – Victor and Dr. Ken Honn that aired recently; Nigerian man with Neurofibromatosis to give WSU commencement

Nigerian man with neurofibromatosis to give Michigan college commencement

Victor Chukwueke Speech

CNN Neurofibromatosis story; We all have much to be thankful for – regardless of our appearance…


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Successful Benefit Galas Raise Funds for NF Research

Levin welcomes passage of bill for ‘Victor’ Chukwueke

Obama signs bill to grant Nigerian student U.S. permanent residency

A “one-man Dream Act” for Michigan grad

Obama to Determine Whether One Immigrant Gets to Stay

Congress’ action puts Nigerian closer to medical school dream

US considers special residency law for Nigerian student

Conyers Proud Judiciary Committee Stands Up for Exceptional Young Man

Levin bill key to Nigerian’s U.S. med studies

Nigerian Student’s One-Man Dream Act at Stake in Congress

Wayne State grad’s dream of medical school becomes a reality

WSU Chemisty – Chemistry student selected to share his inspiring story at May Commencement

College Graduate from Nigeria Fights to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve his Lifelong Dream

Student overcomes isolation, genetic disorder on way to degree

Wayne State grad, mom from Nigeria reunite after years apart

Nigerian student reunites with mom after 10 years

Nigeria’s Victor, the lion-hearted overcomer

Wayne State graduate reunites with Nigerian mother

Nigerian mother and son to be reunited after 10 years at Wayne State University graduation

Nigerian student’s mom to attend his Wayne State graduation after 10-year separation

Nigerian Boy Combats Facial Tumors

Wayne graduates to hear Nigerian’s story of hope

Wayne State student from Nigeria tearfully reunites with mom

Victor Chukwueke Reunites With Mom For Graduation At Wayne State University

Victor Chukwueke graduates from WSU